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Tesla Model S Deliveries Poised to Begin

To quench its investors’ thirst for blood after it announced a first-quarter net loss of $89.9 million, Tesla Motors has announced that the Model S electric sedan will begin its delivery schedule next month. This comes move seems like a brash decision taken by the company bosses to secure a bit of profit, as the original schedule was for the EV sedan to arrive later in the year.

“Once we complete and document the tests, we will be able to sell our vehicles in the United States,” Chief Executive Elon Musk said in a letter to shareholders, according to MSNBC.

But deliveries will only start after the US regulators deem the Model S sedan is safe to put on the road, following a series of crash tests. Of course, we’re more concerned with the safety of the battery pack!

Despite the somewhat boring looks of the car, Tesla says they already have 10,000 orders for the Model S.

By Mihnea Radu

Did "The Game" Get Run Over by a Fisker Karma?

American rapper The Game just posted this photo of him becoming instant "#RoadKill laid out in front of my 2013 cranberry FISKER "KARMA".

Don't worry guys, the guy's just fine, he's just over the moon with his latest acquisition. Knowing rappers like we do, he'll be over it in two week. After all, he's got a garage filled with Ferrari, Lambos and Rolls-Royces. Cool as the Karma may be, it's not that cool.

It seems mister Game was misinformed somewhat about the Karma, his post saying "solar powered beast !!!! gas prices ??? "Aint Nobody Got Time For Dat" lol… American built #PatrioticSwag." By that we think he means it's all-American and all-electric.

Unfortunately, the Fisker has a gas tank for the petrol engine to use when it runs out of electricity. Also, it's not as all-American as say Elon Musk's Tesla Model S.

Fortunetely, he's already let the haters know what he's gonna tell them: "I love this car more than yo grandma ha ha ha…… & you know I love yo grandma."

Good to know!

By Mihnea Radu

Elon Musk Tweets About "Exciting Announcement", Tesla Shares Rise

Elon Musk is preparing a "really exciting announcement" about his company next week, the Tesla Motors CEO has revealed on Twitter.

"Really exciting Tesla Motors announcement coming on Thursday. Am going to put my money where my mouth is in v major way," Musk tweeted Monday, later updating to timing for next Tuesday in order "to ensure no end of quarter distractions".

Musk's overanxious tweet, that's believed to have something to do with the automaker repaying some of its government loans, has caused Tesla shares to increase by 3.6 percent on Monday.

Two weeks ago we were reporting that Tesla Motors has received federal approval to complete the repayment of its $465 million in US Energy Department loans five years ahead of schedule (2017 instead of 2022). Consequently, Tesla had to delay production plans for the Model X electric crossover by one year. The vehicle was scheduled to hit the production line later this year.

Story via Autoblog

By Ciprian Florea

How You Can Buy a 2013 Tesla Model S Now, With No Waiting

2013 Tesla Model S

Good news for rich, impatient, picky Tesla Model S electric-car wannabes!

If you’re looking to buy right now–but can’t abide a car sullied by a few thousand miles of loaner-car duty under the recently announced buy-it-now program–Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA] now offers a new but little-known option.

Yes, you can purchase a brand new, top-of-the-line Model S with no waiting.

Today, if you order an 85-kWh 2013 Tesla Model S Performance version through normal channels, you’re looking at a waiting time of about two months, according to the company’s website.

(The wait is closer to three months if you want a more prosaic standard 85-kWh or 60-kWh Model S.)

But Tesla has a few dozen lavishly-equipped Performance models available in stock, for immediate delivery. 

Some of these $110,000  “inventory cars” were either orphaned by buyers who couldn’t come up with the money once delivery day arrived.

Others were built as display cars for Tesla Stores, or to be used for other marketing purposes.

A small number of 85-kWh cars without the Performance package are also available, at lower prices, from inventory.

These cars are all new, with only a few break-in miles on the odometer. They carry a full new-car warranty.

The downside? You can’t pick and choose your options, and the specific paint/interior color combination you want may not be available.

All inventory cars have been preconfigured with 21-inch wheels, the Performance Plus handling package, the panoramic roof, the technology package, and a premium sound system.

All colors are available–including the long-awaited multicoat red.

Most interior and decor accent options are also available, although not necessarily in all combinations.

As they say, “Buy now, while supplies last!”

David Noland is a Tesla Model S owner and freelance writer who lives north of New York City.


By David Noland

FIRST DRIVE: Tesla S Sedan Fulfills Its Battery-Powered Promise, and More

Tesla S action CAPTIONS ON | OFF

Nikola Tesla would have been impressed. Tesla, a Serbian-American inventor, is credited with discovering alternating current (AC)—the electricity that runs through our power grids.

Now, 69 years after his death, Tesla’s name has been revived for a car make. For several years, Tesla Motors has been in the news for developing a battery-powered Roadster that promised phenomenal performance as well as thrifty all-electric operation. In 2012, the emphasis has shifted to the Tesla S premium sedan, which has been publicized for some time and is finally in production.

Not often does a vehicle come along that qualifies as excellent or better on all counts. That’s especially unlikely when the vehicle isn’t even fully on sale yet, apart from a handful of early buyers. As of early summer 2012, 10 Tesla S sedans were in the hands of customers, though many more had plunked down deposits.

Even more surprising, the vehicle in question is a pure electric model—a powertrain that isn’t getting a lot of respect these days, except from hardened electric-car fans and early adopters.

Range is invariably the Number One question about electric cars, and Tesla has three answers. The Tesla S may be ordered with any of three battery capacities: 40, 60, or 85 kilowatt-hours. Starting at $57,400, the 40-kWh version promises a range near 160 miles. Another $10,000 buys the 60-kWh model, with a 230-mile range. For $77,400, the 85-kWh edition claims a range of about 300 miles (at 55 mph).

Performance varies, too, with 0-60 mph acceleration time as low as 5.6 seconds. Not enough? Acceleration advocates can shell out additional dollars for a Performance Package, which slices 0-60 time to a blazing 4.4 seconds. This ultimate Tesla S model also nets 89 MPGe (miles per gallon equivalent).

Acceleration in a Performance Package stretches beyond astounding. This Tesla S shot forward with supreme smoothness and effortless action, seemingly eager to go on indefinitely. No, such performance is seldom necessary in ordinary driving. But most emphatically, no Tesla driver will ever have to worry about being short on response when it’s time to pass another vehicle, or enter a crowded expressway.

Better yet, the Tesla S grabs the pavement tenaciously and handles with confidence. Body lean is almost nonexistent through quick curves. As the Store Manager noted, the “passenger leans more than the car does.” Ride comfort matches just about anything in the luxury class.

Controls differ from any car on the market. Rather than buttons or switches, nearly everything takes place on a vertically oriented, 17-inch touchscreen display mounted at the center. A Tesla S is packed solid with technology and driver choices, but everything on-screen is clearly identified. Still, almost nothing can be adjusted while driving without taking your eyes off the road for a moment or two.

A Tesla S definitely looks the part of a luxury sedan, ready to rival four-doors from BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Jaguar. Door handles retract into the body; moving out at a touch. Then, you pull lightly and the door opens. It’s one of many impressive extra features, such as having cargo space at the front of the car as well as below the rear hatch. Wearing an aluminum body for lightness, with an air suspension for ride quality, the rear-wheel-drive Tesla S has a battery pack, inverter, electric motor, and gearbox at the rear.

Anyone interested in a Tesla will have trouble finding a dealership. Instead of the conventional sales lot, Tesla is marketing its sedan at storefronts, typically in malls. Currently, there are 14 such “stores” in North American (24 worldwide), with another dozen expected later this year. No one is expected to buy a Tesla right off the showroom floor. The stores exist to drum up interest, with both a complete car and a Tesla chassis on display, along with wall-mounted interactive screens that give the full story.

Tesla Motors – Model S – Official Website

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By James M. Flammang