Deliveries of Tesla’s Model S were expected to start this July, but apparently they are ahead of schedule with testing and certification and the car could be available for purchase as of next month. Crash testing is also being completed and its efficiency (MPGe – the electric equivalent to conventionally powered cars) rating is being calculated and is due for completion very soon.

A Securities and Exchange Commission report has enabled us to better understand the mysterious and weird world of Tesla and their future plans. Firstly, the Model X crossover is pegged for production in late 2013 with deliveries to customers beginning in 2014. Tesla explain that the Model X is the first of many vehicles to be developed on the Model S’s platform, so we should expect a wider range of cars from them in the future. Also, more dealerships are planned for this year, required for the wide-scale sale of the Model S.

Another interesting part of the report claims that Mercedes-Benz have asked Tesla to develop an all-electric drivetrain for a vehicle in the Mercedes range. We are not sure which car they are referring to, but Car and Driver claim they think it’s the new A-Class, a front-wheel drive car. The deal has been confirmed to be worth somewhere in the region of €217 ($280) million and it’s not the first deal of its kind, Tesla having developed the entire drivetrain for the new Toyota RAV4 EV, for the Japanese manufacturer.

By Andrei Nedelea