American electric car manufacturer Tesla Motors has announced that Chris Porritt, Aston Martin’s former chief vehicle engineer, has been appointed as the company’s new vice president of vehicle engineering.

Porritt job at Tesla will be to further develop the Tesla S luxury sedan and work on the upcoming Roadster model. The British engineer will most likely be in charge of the Model X crossover SUV as well.

“Tesla is a hardcore technology company, which means that anyone leading a team of engineers must be an outstanding engineer themself, as well as a good leader,” said Elon Musk, Tesla co-founder and CEO. “Chris demonstrated exactly that in his prior role at Aston Martin, creating in the One-77 what was arguably their best car ever.”

"I look forward to driving new standards for vehicle engineering innovation in the Model S, Model X and future vehicle lines,” Porritt said. "This is an incredible opportunity to bring technologies normally reserved for supercars to the high volume market.”

Chris Porritt started his work at Aston Martin in 1997 and led his team to develop the Vertical Horizontal architecture that underpins the DB9 and the V8 Vantage models. Porritt also helped designing the Aston Martin One-77’s active suspension and aerodynamics.

Before joining the Warwickshire-based manufacturer, Porritt spent ten years with Jaguar.

By Ciprian Florea