Putting a Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid against the Tesla Model S on a drag strip is not a very good idea if you're looking to check you're own Chevy's performance. It works just for the fun of it, but the Volt is no match for the Tesla Model S' performance.

Someone did go through with it, and, after beating a Dodge Viper SRT10 almost two weeks ago, Tesla's EV took an easy win against the Chevrolet Volt in a recent quarter-mile race that's not actually fair when comparing the two participant cars.

The Model S took the lead right away and arrived at the finish line in just 12.562 seconds at 108.34 mph, while the Volt needed 17.201 seconds to cover the same distance and barely reached 80 mph.

If you need one more argument to why this race is all but fair, the same Tesla Model S set a quarter-mile speed record for a production vehicle with a time of 12.371 seconds at 110.84 mph about a week ago.

By Ciprian Florea