It seems that everybody has very good things to say about the Tesla Model S, and if you needed more convincing that it is a very good car, Consumer Reports can now confirm this, as well, after having done a brief review of the car. However, it was not their car, which is what they usually do – buy a car, then test it extensively for a while.

Even so, the brief test again brought to light the Model S’ qualities, such as the sleek design, low drag coefficient, excellent performance, elegant and simple interior, and the 17-inch touch screen display, which has mostly been praised by reviewers who have had a chance to use it so far.

They will be doing a full review of it once they get delivery of their very own car, so until then, this is all they have to say about it. One thing they didn’t like, though, were the door handles, which the reviewer called ‘fussy’ – they do work, though, and will definitely impress your friends.

By Andrei Nedelea