American rapper The Game just posted this photo of him becoming instant "#RoadKill laid out in front of my 2013 cranberry FISKER "KARMA".

Don't worry guys, the guy's just fine, he's just over the moon with his latest acquisition. Knowing rappers like we do, he'll be over it in two week. After all, he's got a garage filled with Ferrari, Lambos and Rolls-Royces. Cool as the Karma may be, it's not that cool.

It seems mister Game was misinformed somewhat about the Karma, his post saying "solar powered beast !!!! gas prices ??? "Aint Nobody Got Time For Dat" lol… American built #PatrioticSwag." By that we think he means it's all-American and all-electric.

Unfortunately, the Fisker has a gas tank for the petrol engine to use when it runs out of electricity. Also, it's not as all-American as say Elon Musk's Tesla Model S.

Fortunetely, he's already let the haters know what he's gonna tell them: "I love this car more than yo grandma ha ha ha…… & you know I love yo grandma."

Good to know!

By Mihnea Radu