In case you haven't heard of the Tesla Model S yet, it's the geekiest car on the planet. They are making it in California and is definitely not your typical car, more like an iPhone with wheels than anything else.

It's got the coolest center display in the world, a touchscreen that could be considered larger than some TV screens, up to 300 miles of electric range and because there's no gas engine at the front, extra storage has been create there.

However, the part we're interested in today is the electric motor mounted at the back between the two wheels it drives. The torque and power it provides are enough to take on proper sportscar that don't have rear seats or complicated infotainment systems.

This drag race between a Tesla Model S and the Dodge Viper shows what we're talking about. Off the line, the EV is much quicker than Detroit's best. A Viper usually has 600 horsepower, but this one has been fitted with exhaust and air filter upgrade, so it eventually manages to pull away.

This just goes to show you what Tesla learned with the Roadster was put to good use.


By Mihnea Radu