Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors, has officially started a tense and negative future relationship with Fisker and its founder, Henrik Fisker. He recently said, in an interview with Automobile Magazine that “it’s a mediocre product at a high price [. . .] The car looks very big, and yet it has no trunk space and is very cramped inside, particularly in the rear seats.”

Now, while we do not agree with malicious comments, especially when it comes to ‘green’ cars, we say that in light of recent (and older) events, coupled with less-than-positive customer reviews which argue that the car is badly built and not up to the quality standard of the price bracket in which it sits, we say that there is some truth in what Elon Musk is saying. However, considering the fact that Tesla’s first car was basically a Lotus Elise rolling-chassis stuffed with batteries, the Fisker Karma is a much more complete and unique offering, than the Tesla Roadster, leaving its owners with a feeling of bespoke-ness.

Musk went on to say “The fundamental problem with Henrik Fisker — he is a designer or stylist…he thinks the reason we don’t have electric cars is for lack of styling. This is not the reason. It’s fundamentally a technology problem. At the same time, you need to make it look good and feel good, because otherwise you’re going to have an impaired product. But just making something look like an electric car does not make it an electric car.

By Andrei Nedelea