While all ‘green’ car news of the week have been pretty much all about the launch of the Tesla Model S, another California-based ‘green’ automaker with a decently successful car, Fisker, is looking to increase its brand appeal, not to be left behind by Tesla.

Apparently, Fisker launched a US ad campaign for the Karma, on the very same day that the Model S was officially launched – we suspect that this is no accident. Furthermore, the automaker has also been working hard on expanding its European dealer network, after having granted sales rights to a company which sells BMW, Ferrari and Porsche cars in Spain, as well as Portugal and Morocco. Also, Fisker will be opening a new showroom in ‘green-loving’ Norway, in an old Oslo shipyard.

With Dutch sales going very well, Fisker still has a chance to recover after the recent problems it faced, despite having to overcome another setback in the form of a delay in the production date of its less expensive offering, the Atlantic. This move has been caused by the US Department of Energy freezing most of the $529 (€423) million in loans granted to Fisker.

By Andrei Nedelea