Mercedes-Benz have adopted a rather clever marketing strategy to promote their all-electric B-Class F-Cell, a car which does not emit any CO2, as the video clearly points out at every possible opportunity. The award-winning ad features a B-Class F-Cell, which is covered on one side with what can only be described as a LED-based screen which is malleable and it can be made to follow the shape of the car (more or less), has cameras attached to the other side.

This enables it to display whatever the cameras are recording on the other side, and play it in real time on the LEDs. It works almost too well, and considering the fact that car companies are able to create such technologies with relative ease, we wonder if this kind of idea hasn’t already been implemented by (the much more advanced) military forces of the world’s developed countries – to hide tanks, as well as anti-tank guns.

We hope, however, that this technology will be used for good, and not to cause even more destruction than we currently have. On the plus side, if this becomes commercially available, we will soon be able to buy clothes which will render us invisible – five more years, we say.

By Andrei Nedelea