When the New York Times admitted the editor's lack of "good judgement" in the Model S review last week, we thought the two would finally bury the hatchet. Well, we couldn't be more wrong!

Tesla Motor's boss Elon Musk came back pouring more gasoline on the (electric?) fire claiming that New York Times' review cost the automaker up to $100 million. "It probably affected us to the tune of tens of millions, to the order of $100 million," Elon Musk said in a Bloomberg Television interview.

The Tesla CEO's estimate is of course virtual, but company shares have fallen 12 percent (from $39.24 to $34.38) since the New York Times article appeared almost three weeks ago.

Tesla Motors Inc. has accused a New York Times reporter of faking a Model S road test and claiming the electric automaker is misreporting the vehicle's estimated driving range. The automaker backed its story by releasing the vehicle's driving logs, which actually did prove that the New York Times editor's review is not based on real facts.

Story via Bloomberg

By Ciprian Florea