2012 Tesla Model S CAPTIONS ON | OFF

Naysayers beware. The Tesla Model S delivers speed, style, and sexiness on par with its non-electric competition. Also, as this newly released video from Road & Track shows, it does sick burnouts. Very, very, quiet sick burnouts.

Keeping with its reputation of pushing cars to their limits, Road & Track released a video of a Model S (possibly a Signature Performance model) delivering an extreme burnout, temporarily silencing speed freaks who consider electric cars an eco fad lacking in the excitement department.

In order to achieve a full burnout, R&T West Coast editor Jason Cammisa removed a single fuse to disable the ABS, stability control, and traction control. While unsafe, this allowed the powerful, 416 horsepower and 443 lb.-ft, rear-mounted electric motor to instantly accelerate to the car’s maximum 132 MPH.

While producing this undoubtedly head-turning trick, the modification has a few dangerous drawbacks. Aside from killing the aforementioned control features, the removed fuse also disables the speedometer, air suspension, brake assist, and power steering. Not surprisingly, the extreme torque also destroys the rear tires fairly quickly.

Considering these risks, and also taking into account the $50,000 price tag and three-month waitlist for a base Tesla Model S, serious car modders should probably reserve their hacks to old Acura Integras and Mitsubishi Ellipses – at least for now.


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By Jessica Matsumoto