It's been two weeks since we last reported about the Elon Musk vs. New York Times feud, and it seems like the infamous Tesla S review debate is far from over.

After claiming that the erroneous review could cost Tesla no less than $100 million in company shares, Musk came back to slam NYT's John Broder for "low-grade ethics violation".

"I would call it a low-grade ethics violation," Musk said on Saturday. "Not a Jayson Blair-crazy-fabrication variety, but I would call it low-grade. It was not in good faith – that's an important point."

"I have no problem with negative feedback, nor do I have a problem with critical reviews," Musk added. "I have a problem with false reviews."

Tesla Motors Inc. has accused New York Times reporter John Broder of faking a Model S road test and claiming the EV automaker is misreporting the vehicle's estimated driving range. Musk's company immediately backed its story by releasing the vehicle's driving logs, which actually did prove that the New York Times editor's review was not based on real facts.

Story via Automotive News

By Ciprian Florea