Despite the fact that Tesla has so far failed to reach its intended production capacity for the Model S sedan, they have not forgotten about the Model X crossover. Now, they have received a $10-million grant from teh California Energy Commission, to which they will be adding $50-million of their own money, in order to get the production of the Model X underway.

The money will be used for the expansion and retooling of their Fremont, California plant, which currently only makes the Model S. Manufacturing equipment will also be bought, in order to manufacture the needed parts for the new model.

Also, some 700 extra workers will be hired, in order to actually commence production. The official date for the start of production is still unknown, but since they have begun preparation for it, things should be all set-up by the middle of next year, in order to keep their promise of starting deliveries in 2014.

By Andrei Nedelea