Talk about hidden costs… Apparently, Tesla Model S owners and a few of those currently on the waiting list, are reportedly not pleased with the company’s $600-per-year service program.

The fees include an inspection, replacement of parts such as the brake pads and wipers, as well as roadside assistance, system monitoring, remote diagnostics and software updates.

One of the less-than-pleased owners is David Nolan, who is on the list to receive a Model S – he currently owns a Chevrolet Volt. He is displeased with the extra fee, which is considerably higher than what he has to pay to maintain the Volt – $49 annual check, and $35 oil change once every two years.

Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, answered questions regarding the fee, saying that "We are matching service cost to be less than a Mercedes of comparable purchase price [. . .] This basically amounts to $50/month and covers all software upgrades as well as concierge level service,” more or less answering Nolan’s question. However, when asked if any owner could opt out of the program, he reportedly didn’t get a reply.

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By Andrei Nedelea