Clear your mind for a second and ask yourself this: when does a new brand become well established? We'll tell you. It's when people start calling whatever it makes "classic".

We've looked at the Tesla Model S from every angle, and by God it's a classic. The company has weathered the storm, establishing itself with a new car formula that we didn't understand very well at first.

This sinister black example of the sedan is absolutely an eye-catcher. It deserves just as much attention as any of the big German names on the market, especially now that it reeived a custom treatment like no other.

Like a black hole sucking in all the light, the sinister Tesla will cruise the streets drawing in people's gazes. It has tinted glass, black door handles and best of all, brushed titanium HRE wheel.

Editor's note: Who needs trapezoidal exhaust pipes when you have door handles that come out!

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By Mihnea Radu