Oil does indeed make all of us laugh out loud, but currently, it’s not an amused type of laugh, but more of a ‘we’ll soon get rid of you’ kind of complacent laugh, as most automotive news headlines of the last two weeks have been dominated by the launch of the Tesla Model S – a real milestone in the history of the EV. It is the first genuinely good-looking, practical, luxurious, fun to drive and, most importantly, desirable electric car to have ever been built.

However, it wouldn’t have come along if it weren’t for the car bearing the ‘LOL OIL’ number plate, the Roadster. After selling 2,300 of them, Tesla gained both the confidence of potential buyers, as well as various US institutions, being granted a $465 million loan, along with other forms of government aid, which helped the California-based manufacturer to bring the Model S to the global scene.

In a few years time, though, and with the launch of more and more clean alternatives, we think that ‘LOL OIL’ will take on a different meaning, as we will finally begin to wean ourselves of oil, while finally and full-heartedly embracing the task of not damaging our planet any more, as well as repairing the damage we have already caused.

By Andrei Nedelea