Some pictures couldn’t be more eloquent even if they had the message written all over them, and, in a way, this one kind of does. It shows an accident that took place in Denmark, a few years ago, in which a Volkswagen Touareg crushes a Tesla Roadster and Toyota Prius into submission.

Different Angle Different Angle This accident paints the perfect picture of global car corporations’ view towards EVs – they do make them, but they make them deliberately unappealing, to maintain the sale of conventionally powered cars. The Touareg (global car industry) crushes the Tesla and Prius (global EV sales).

We hope that with the drop in the price of batteries (reportedly three times cheaper by 2020), will finally herald the age of the EV, which is currently our best bet for the future. If we could just make batteries better and cheaper sooner, to further facilitate the shift.

By Andrei Nedelea